Kid Pack Challenge

Year round

1,100+ Kid Packs per week – a source of nutrition for kids at risk of Join other businesses in a friendly competition to end childhood hunger! Helena Food Share will make a Kid Pack presentation to staff of participating businesses and encourage employees to make a financial contribution to the program.

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Kid Pack Challenge

2020-2021 School Year

Can Your Business Make the Difference?

We are looking for businesses who are willing to rise to the CHALLENGE of feeding hungry kids in our community. Right here in Helena, Montana 1,100+ kids receive Kid Packs – a source of weekend nutrition – EVERY WEEK. It is you and your business that feed these children.

This year the challenge will be a bit different. We are looking to hold Virtual Fund Drives.  Your business can set a monetary goal for kid packs.  It will take $204,769 to purchase enough supplies for all of the kids in need.


If your business or the business that you work for can help make a difference for the 1,100 kids who receive Kid Packs EVERY week, please contact Liz Harrison, Development Director, at 406-443-3663 ext. 104, email, or fill out the form below.

To learn more about Kid Packs and how they are helping click here.