Julie’s Story

Mother and Son“Before today, I had never been to a food bank.”

How many Montanans, and our own neighbors right here in Helena, have said these words since March?

“Julie” tried to stop the shake in her voice as she shared, “My son is in 5th grade and his whole year has been so hard.” As Julie was waiting for her groceries, she kept her head down, and admitted thinking, “I am so embarrassed. What kind of a mother can’t provide food for her own child?”

Hunger is real. It exists in our own community, and it is hurting our neighbors. Now, more than ever, people in our area need your help.

Julie’s story is not too different from what so many others have experienced in the last eight months. In March, she, her husband, and her son were renting a two bedroom home, sharing family meals together and looking forward to a summer filled with travel to the national parks in Montana. Both parents were working, and their son was at school.

2020 Needs Increasing

Then the pandemic struck. By the end of April, Julie and her husband were laid off. Quite suddenly, their income dramatically shrunk. “My mother-in-law is disabled and doesn’t have a lot of room, but she took us in. She kept us off the streets, but she couldn’t feed us all on her income.”

So on one chilly October day, Julie found herself standing in line at Helena Food Share for the first time. “I’ve never been in this position before,” Julie said. “This isn’t easy.”

Asking for help isn’t always easy. Offering it to a neighbor in need can be. Please, consider sending your help today for those who might be finding themselves needing it for the first time.

Thousands of people in our community struggled with hunger before the pandemic hit, and those people are still struggling. But now, even more of our neighbors are hurting, and for the first time, many have lost the ability to get enough food for their families.

You can be the reason that no matter what, our neighbors won’t go hungry.

Yours are the shoulders that others can lean on when the going gets tough. Our neighbors need us today and they are going to need us tomorrow. We have a long road ahead, but together, I know we will make sure that anyone who needs help, gets it.

Your donation will provide nourishing food for children, families, and seniors when they need it most. Thank you for being part of the safety net for families like Julie’s and thousands of others who are facing hardship right now. Julie knows her family will get through this tough time and has promised that when she is back on her feet, they will give back. She said she’ll never forget the gratitude your support has made her feel.


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