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For inquiries from the press or other media, requests for interviews or speakers, or requests to use Helena Food Share print or digital materials, please contact:

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FAQ’s: Programs & Impact


Helena Food Share is home to a number of programs uniquely designed to reduce hunger in our community. Other than Farmers Market Coupons and Senior Commodities, there are no income requirements.

Grocery Share
Customers shop monthly for items such as milk, eggs, meat and peanut butter, as well as weekly for other perishable food items (bread, produce, etc.).
Kid Packs
A special pack of kid-friendly foods that provides weekend nutrition during the school year for pre-school and elementary school kids at risk of hunger.
Helena Food Share Garden
Our garden grows fresh produce for Helena Food Share customers. The garden offers customers a chance to get fresh, locally grown food and provides educational opportunities for home gardening.
Senior Farmers Market Coupons and Senior Commodity Boxes
Low-income eligible adults age 60 and older receive $50 worth of coupons to shop at the local farmer’s market. The monthly commodity boxes provide a staple of nutritious food in addition to what seniors can get at the pantry.
Click Here for details on low-income eligibility.
Holiday Meal Share
As an extra for the holidays, customers receive a holiday turkey and sides so they can serve a traditional holiday meal.
Grocery Rescue
Generous grocers in the Helena area donate food every weekday to Helena Food Share, saving food that won’t be sold and would otherwise be discarded. The food is brought to our warehouse, sorted, and made available for customers to shop.
Emergency Snack Packs
For people with urgent need, we offer a special pack of high-calorie snacks that provides immediate nutrition. We prepare these packs for use by the police department, EMTs, God’s Love and other human services organizations in the Helena area.


The Need for Food:

How many people in Helena need help getting food?
One in 7 adults and one in 5 children in Helena are food insecure.*
* Food Insecurity definition – being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food
How has the pandemic affected the need for food?
In 2020: after the pandemic began, we saw a 40% increase in new customers each month on average.
Who uses Helena Food Share?
We supply food to approx. 8,000 individuals in the Helena area. 99% of our customers are at or below the poverty level.

Helena Food Share Impact:

How many people in Helena are served by Helena Food Share?
In 2020: 7,357** unique individuals and 3,860**unique households were served (613 individuals and 312 households) each month.
** Does not include Holiday meals or Farmers to Families distributions.
How much food does Helena Food Share distribute?
Over 2.68 million pounds of food were provided in 2020. That much food put over 2.2 million meals on tables in our community.
How much is distributed thru CFAP-Farmers To Families?
In 2020: 22,195 boxes of produce were distributed thru CFAP, an average of 3,699 per month.
(# of individuals or households served are not tracked)
How many meals are distributed for the holidays?
In 2020: 2,246 meals were distributed for Thanksgiving & Christmas at Helena Food Share and St. Mary’s Catholic Church.
Boxes included turkey/ham, produce & sides.
How many Kid Packs do you provide to local schools?
An average of 1,000 packs of weekend meals & snacks are distributed each week to Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School students who experience chronic food insecurity.
How many Emergency Snack Packs do you give out?
On average, 103 high-energy, easy-to-eat Emergency Packs are provided each month thru Helena Food Share and other support agencies in town.
How many participate in your Senior Programs?
On average, 1,390 senior households participate in Senior Commodities and 300 in Farmer’s Market Coupons each year.
How much food does a donation provide?
For every $6.00 donated, an average of 10 meals is provided to an individual.
Has Helena Food Share been able to meet the need during the pandemic?
Throughout the pandemic, donors have been generous, helping us meet the need in our community every week. We continue to rely on their support as the need grows.

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