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Helena Food Share sees increase in food prices
Apr 19, 2022 – (KTVH): According to the USDA, fresh produce prices are expected to increase from 1 to 2%, and at the Helena Food Share, they see the impacts of those price increases. “So the cost for food items that we regularly purchase increased over the last six months by about 20%,” said Bruce Day, Helena Food Share director. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Thoughts of gardening inspire lighter fare, by Sally Beck
Apr 6, 2022 – (Helena IR): While we wait for our Montana growing season to kick off, we can enjoy the wider variety of produce from around the country that is showing up at our local grocers. To kick off the transition to lighter fare in our kitchens, I’ve put together a super-fast Mediterranean pasta featuring fresh spinach, a cauliflower salad, and a simple treatment for fresh berries. Read more.
Helena Food Share Virtual Food Drive
March 6, 2022 – (ABC/Fox Montana): Helena Food Share will soon be starting a new way to donate to those in need. As inflation creates rising costs in food for everyone, the Helena Food Share has experienced an influx of people relying on goods that sometimes are not always readily available. Bruce Day, Executive Director of Helena Food Share explained they’ve seen a 25% increase in people coming to Helena Food Share since December 2021. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Serve up some comfort food before transitioning into spring, by Sally Beck
Mar 2, 2022 – (Helena IR): As we head out of winter, it is a nice time to enjoy a few last-minute comfort foods before we turn off our ovens for the summer. To bid a fond farewell to all of that, I’m sharing a recipe for stuffed peppers. It’s also time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Irish or not, if for no other reason: potato soup, … (and) a hearty barley salad. Read more.
Volunteer work can ease stress and boost mental health
Feb 10, 2022 – (KTVH): In 2021 Helena Food Share had over 500 volunteers give their time to help others facing food insecurity, and one volunteer has been with them for five years. When David Mehl moved to Helena from Fort Worth, Texas, he decided to continue giving his time to others, which is where he found his place at Helena Food Share. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Feel the love with some sweet and savory February fare, by Sally Beck
Feb 2, 2022 – (Helena IR): February can be a bit of a wasteland in terms of food inspiration. Thankfully Valentine’s Day is right in the middle to cheer things up, and for me, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all the people in my life whom I love; it’s not just for sweethearts! Read more.
Food insecurity can happen to anyone
Jan 13, 2022 – (MT Standard) Town Pump: The face of hunger is hard to see. It takes many forms. During our fall “Help Those in Need” campaign we attempted to put a face to hunger. Several Montana residents offered their assistance. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Whole food choices a heathy start to new year, by Sally Beck
Jan 4, 2022 – (Helena IR): For the New Year, I do like to revamp my diet, but rather than freaking out and jumping into an overly restrictive approach to try and bounce back from all of the holiday over-indulgences, I’m incorporating a few healthy tweaks that allow me to enjoy more whole food choices and less refined, highly processed foods. Read more.
St. Peter's, Food Share launch pilot healthy food program
Dec 31, 2021 – (Helena IR): Sharon Tatum says she doesn’t know what she would do without it. She is one of 10 people participating in the Food is Care program recently launched by St. Peter’s Health and Helena Food Share that brings healthy food to area residents dealing with food insecurity while managing chronic or complex medical conditions. Read more.
Helena Food Share, St. Peter's Health help bridge gap between healthy foods and financial instability
Dec 30, 2021 – (KTVH): Saint Peter’s Health in Helena and the Helena Food Share have teamed up for their Food is Care program. The program provides food boxes to people with health concerns and food insecurity. Read more.
Helena Food Share reflects on 2021
Dec 29, 2021 – (KTVH): According to the Lewis and Clark County Community Health report, 13% of Lewis and Clark County residents had faced food insecurity in 2021. That need placed a high demand on organizations like the Helena Food Share. Read more.
Helena Turkey Challenge provides thousands of holiday meals
Nov 22, 2021 – (Helena IR): From Saturday through Monday, Helena Food Share planned to distribute 1,300 of the 3,046 holiday meals purchased through community donations as part of this year’s Turkey Challenge Food Drive. Volunteers spent the weekend loading turkeys, potatoes, carrots, onions, squash, and other holiday food staples into carts that were wheeled to customers’ vehicles. Read more.
An IR View: Transparent Government, Turkey Challenge, high heating costs
Nov 21, 2021 – (Helena IR):  If you’re looking for something to be thankful for this time of year, look no further than the Turkey Challenge Leader Board at There you will find the names of hundreds of Helena-area residents and businesses who chipped in to make the holiday season a little brighter for our less-fortunate friends and neighbors. Read more.
An IR View: Help Spread holiday cheer to our neighbors in need
Nov 19, 2021 – (Helena IR): While many of us are eagerly planning a holiday feast big enough to feed a small army, one out of every seven Helena-area residents is going hungry. Read more.
Turkey Challenge aims to feed 2,500 Helena-area families
Nov 17, 2021 – (Helena IR): Helena Food Share’s annual Turkey Challenge food drive has gone virtual again this year. The local food bank is asking for monetary donations to purchase 2,500 holiday meals for families in need. Read more.
'Stuff the Truck' food drive to benefit Helena Food Share
Nov 15, 2021 – (Helena IR):  Freedom Fabrication and Excavation is offering to pick up food and monetary donations around the area through its “Stuff the Truck” food drive Tuesday through Thursday.  Read more.
Eat Well & Share: A few ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers, by Sally Beck
Nov 3, 2021 – (Helena IR): Helena, as a community, consists of people who genuinely and deeply care about each other and about making sure that nobody has to go hungry. That feeling is especially true at Thanksgiving when we can’t bear the idea of someone not being able to sit down to break bread and celebrate with friends and loved ones. Read more.
Helena Food Share brings cheer to those facing food insecurity for the holidays
Nov 2, 2021 – (KTVH/KXLH): Helena Food Share is helping to bring some cheer to those facing food insecurity. One in seven Helena residents faces food insecurity, according to Helena Food Share. That is why they are fundraising money to give away 2,500-holiday meals to those in need this year. Read more.
Knights of Columbus donates over 600 pounds of food to Helena Food Share
Oct 11, 2021 – (KTVH/KXLH): The Helena area Knights of Columbus donated over 2,000 granola bars, 1,048 juice pouches, and fruit cups to the Helena Food Share to go towards the non-profit’s ‘Kid Packs.’  Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Three winter squash ideas for the fall harvest season, by Sally Beck
Oct 6, 2021 – (Helena IR): As the fall harvest season wraps up and the way that we cook shifts more toward heartier dishes, it’s nice to have so many winter squash options. Read more.
Helena Food Share is lending an extra helping hand to senior citizens this week
Sept 20, 2021 – (KTVH): Every day of the year the Helena Food Share works tirelessly to make sure that nobody in the community goes hungry. However, this week they will lend an extra helping hand to one specific group, our senior citizens. Watch & read more.
Hunters Against Hunger helps food banks across Montana feed their communities
Sept 17, 2021 – (KTVH): For hunters, there is almost no better feeling than sharing your hard-earned game meat with family and friends. The only thing that could possibly top sitting down to a nice back-strap is using that venison to help those in need. That is exactly what the Hunters Against Hunger program is set up to do. Watch & read more.
Best friends donate lemonade stand earnings to Helena Food Share
Sept 16, 2021 – (KTVH): Best friends Mary Dietz and Mary McDuffie did something a lot of kids do in the summer, they held a lemonade stand. Instead of pocketing the profits, the two Marys used the money to help the Helena community. Watch & read more.
Eat Well & Share: As fall approaches, make the most of summer's garden produce, by Sally Beck
Sept 1, 2021 – (Helena IR): With fall suddenly in the air, it’s time to start wrapping up some of the garden and/or farmers market produce and to make the best of things that need to be harvested right away. Read more.
Kid Packs help Helena students facing hunger
August 26, 2021 – (KTVH): As students, families and teachers gear up to head back to school around the Helena area, Helena Food Share is gearing up to help make sure no child goes hungry. And just like in years past, they will be doing that with Kid Packs. Read more.
Symphony Under the Stars brings in more than 18,000 pounds of food for Helena Food Share
July 19, 2021 – (KTVH): Symphony Under the Stars isn’t just about good music, it also does good for the Helena community. The annual event generates thousands of pounds of canned food for Helena Food Share. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Fresh produce is upon us at last, by Sally Beck
July 7, 2021 – (Helena IR): From gardens to garden parties, the season of fresh produce is upon us at last. With the hot days of summer finally here, I like to move my weekly meal prep time to the early morning while the temperature is still cool enough to comfortably cook a few things that can be enjoyed as a chilled entrée later. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Potato salad is the perfect way to kick off summer by Sally Beck
June 2, 2021 – (HelenaIR): As we head into our outdoor seasonal activities, such as gardening with our new compost and returning to being able to outdoor dining (with friends, no less! Yay!). I felt that some variations on potato salad just might be the perfect way to kick off the summer months. Read more.
Helena Food Share Lewis Street pantry location reopens to choice shopping
June 1, 2021 – (KTVH): After more than a year, the doors of the Helena Food Share’s Lewis Street pantry are open to customers again. COVID-19 forced Helena Food Share to stop customer choice shopping at the Lewis Street and East Helena pantry locations. Choice shopping was replaced with a grab-and-go, pre-packed grocery option people could pick up at the pantry. Read more.
Helena Food Share to Reopen to Customer Traffic
May 27, 2021 – (Helena Independent Record): Helena Food Share will reopen its doors for customer traffic Tuesday, after being closed to shoppers for nearly a year due to concerns about COVID-19. Read more.
Top Gun Auto Body donates $5,000 to Helena Food Share
May 18, 2021 – (KTVH): Helena Food Share met with Top Gun Auto Body to receive a $5,000 donation. The food share says they are feeding about 250 households every week and this donation will make a significant impact. Read more.
Eat Well & Share: Spring brings breakfast ideas by Sally Beck
May 5, 2021 – (HelenaIR): With spring comes longer daylight hours in our weekends which inspire thoughts of gardening, of garden parties, of Sunday brunch with friends, and of simply having more time to enjoy life. Read more.
Carroll College students prep Helena Food Share garden
March 31, 2021 – (KTVH):Both Quinn and Dane spent a good chunk of their Wednesday evening digging and raking dirt at the Helena Food Share Garden. Quinn and Dane are part of Carroll College’s Gardening and Community Health class, led by Professor Gerald Schafer. Read more.
Kids Hunger Coalition Op-Ed: Eliminating Childhood Hunger in Lewis and Clark County
March 17, 2021 – (Helena Independent Record): There are many ways to describe a community – landscape, economic drivers, educational, cultural, and outdoor opportunities, and its citizens’ health and well-being. The Kids Hunger Coalition are Helena-area professionals who believe our children’s health and access to nutritious food are paramount to our collective well-being. Read more.
Helena area organizations join forces to support veterans during the pandemic
Feb 26, 2021 – (KTVH): Click Here
Kid Packs program addresses food insecurity in Helena area
Feb 19, 2021 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share Sees Rise in Families Needing Help During the Pandemic
Feb 4, 2021 – (KTVH): Click Here
AmeriCorps Volunteers Arrive in Montana as Part of Nationwide COVID Response
Jan 30, 2021 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share Sees Increased Need in 2020
Jan 8, 2021 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
Helena Food Share Distributes Hundreds of Thanksgiving Meals
Nov 23, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Op-Ed: Rising to the Challenge
Nov 15, 2020 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
Helena Food Share Distributing Holiday Meals to 2500 Families
Nov 21, 2020 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
MTN challenges community to match $12,000 donation to Helena Food Share
May 29, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share participating in Farmers to Families Food Box Program
May 25, 2020 – (KURL-8): Click Here 
Farmers to Families: Helena Food Share distributes 18K pounds of produce in first week of new program
May 26, 2020 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
Helena Food Share begins Farmers to Families Food Box Program
May 24, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Photographer gives back to Helena Food Share through artistic talent
May 11, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Photographer gives back to Helena Food Share through artistic talent
April 30, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Beargrass Trading Company hosts online auction for Helena Food Share
April 17, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Downtown businesses auctioning wares to benefit Helena Food Share
April 16, 2020 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
Troop 214 donates to the Helena Food Share with 'flagged houses'
April 16, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share temporarily closing East Helena pantry
April 13, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share has a waiting list for volunteers
April 8, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share receiving hogs from Elk Creek Colony
April 3, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here
Montana Food Banks Seek Donations As Demand Spikes Due To Coronavirus
March 20, 2020 – (Montana Public Radio): Click Here
Helena Food Share encourages those affected by COVID-19 closures to reach out if they face hunger
March 17, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here 
Feature photo: From Doorsteps to Kid Packs for the Helena Food Share
March 4, 2020 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
Helena Food Share prepares for Doorsteps to Kid Packs Food Drive
February 28, 2020 – (KTVH): Click Here 
Helena Food Share distributes hundreds of holiday meals
December 20, 2019 – (KTVH): Click Here
Chili Cook-off Benefits Helena Food Share
September 30, 2019 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share kicks off Kid Pack fundraising campaign
September 11, 2019 – (KTVH): Click Here
Helena Food Share launches Kid Pack Challenge Fundraiser
September 11, 2019 – (Helena Independent Record): Click Here
Helena Food Share Extending Services to Community
September 9, 2019 – Click Here
Helena Food Share Launches Kid Pack Challenge, Seeks Donations to Help Fund Annual Kid Pack Program
September 9, 2019 – Click Here
Helena Food Share Announces New Hours Beginning September 1, 2019
September 2, 2019 – Click Here

Stampede Out Hunger Food Drive for Helena Food Share

Helena’s Symphony Under the Stars collects cans for Food Share

Food Share fights food waste and hunger in Helena

Helena Food Share thanks community with Summer Lot Party

St. Peter’s Health and HFS team up to bring fresh produce to the pantry

State agency holds food drive to benefit Helena Food Share

Shutdown assistance available through Helena Food Share

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