Turkey Challenge Leader Board- Giving Highlights!

Cochrane Insurance is matching donations made on 11/19, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!
$5,000 from Ace Hardware and the Treacy Foundation! THANK YOU!
Mediterranean Grill in with 144 turkeys!! GOBBLE GOBBLE!!
$2,500 from Capital Sports and Rivals Athletics. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Thank you to our sponsors Big Sky Acoustics, Montana Radio, and KTVH!
$1,500 from Stockman Bank! THANK YOU!
$1,350 from Great West Engineering. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
$1,000 from Opportunity Bank and American Sheet Metal! WooHooo!
$1,000 from Timothy T., Dawn D., Andrea R. and Phil H. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
$772 from the Montana Historical Society! THANK YOU!
$540 from Gold Rush Lions! WOOHOO!
$500 (20 holiday meals) from Allegra Print and Marketing and Vision Net Inc. THANK YOU!!
$500 (20 holiday meals) from Sarah W., Callie J., Dave & Beth D., Meg J., Steve and Lisa B., Jay W., Kimberly K., Pamela A., Mikael B., Rick and Jane H., Tyler M., Daniel T., Collette A., Mary Jane I. and Chris and Carol H. THANK YOU!!
$400 (16 holiday meals) from Glenda and Stan B., Scott and Lisa M. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
$300 (12 holiday meals) from Andrew E., Linda R., the kids and families at Mountainside Montessori School. YIPPEE!
$250 from Pacific Steel. THANK YOU!
$250 (10 holiday meals) from Tom and Scottie T., John M., Stephen G., Terry J., Doug R., Judy G., Patrick and Karen R., Jim and Shelle E., Brad B., Roger R., Sandra Z., Judy Z., Michael A., Jean P., Linda S., Steve R., Cody S., James A., Paul M., Scott W., Brooke H., Ralph and Kristi J., Kai H., and Sarah H. TURKEY TIME!
8 holiday meals from Rochelle S., Stephen G., Alm, Tim, Kyle, & Rowan C., Lisa C., Paul S., Fred N., Judy & Corky H., Judy F., Gail W., John & Linda S., Bill and Babs L., John and Linda S., James W. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
7 holiday meals from the employees at Randall and Hurley! THANK YOU!
6 holiday meals from Stephen S. IT’s TURKEY TIME!
5 holiday meals from Jack & Daphne SC., Scott F., Kelly G., Jerry W., Julie H., Kathleen Z., Susan W., Es S., Cathy M., Mike M., Theresa S., Pamela A., Laura A., Michael D., Morgan T., Patricia M., Lynn E., Holly F., Casey & Jim M., Mari H., Rebecca R., Caitlin B., Susan & Kevin K., Letha E., Joe & Kristin M., Margaret W., Al S., Deb J., Dennis & Joan T., Barbara H., Dave O., Kathy J., Larry & Callie E., Lisa and Kevin M., Susan and Brad R., Keith and Katie M., Steve B., Paula C., Linda C., Alexa B., John T., Jason C., and John M. THANK YOU!
4 holiday meals from Nels W., Terry M., Betsy A., Cathy B., Jane H., Jack T., Marion T., John M., Hal R., James F., Jim and Sharon H., Roger T., Shelly L., Kathleen S., Michelle L., Lynn B., Jonathon M., Joice F., Doug & Sandy M., Patty Stephen T., Sharlene L., Steve K., Philip & Michele C., Wendy and Sarah N., Debbie B., Larry and Mary P. GOBBLE GOBBLE!
3 holiday meals from Sandra M. TURKEY TIME!
2 holiday meals from Theresa V., Kristi A., Kathryn C., Gary W., Dayle P., Leann M., Jacob H., Janice M., Mark E., Alois & Gail B., Karen F., Rich & Karla M., Ron V., Sioux R., Molly S., Jack & LeeAnn B., TLS Wallets M., Susan and John L., Williams Cleaning Service LLC., Jeana S., Sioux R., Jessica A., Vicki T., Keith K., Harry H., Patricia F., Kay M., Vernon R., Beau P., Molly P., Ron H., Duane W., Richard T., Karen and Bill P., Kris and Mark T., Laurie B., Carla R., Darcee M., Liz and Carl H., Len D., Lori C., Wanda R., Paulette C., Suzanne H., Joanna H., Penny M., Annette W., Roger T., Susan L., Pamela P., Cheri A., Carol B., Leslie S., Cambryn C., Kory K., Charles and Joan F., Cindy Z., Andy S., Gretchen K., Ashley C.M., Dianne A., Jonnie P., Hugh P., Jeffrey C., Vicki G., James E., Emily H., E Wayne P., Jim R., Beckie S., David C., Jeanne D., Linsey H., Steve T., Janet K., Chris G., Jonathon M., Rebecca W., Michael R., Curtis B., Christian S., Cathy S., Holly and James H., Ralph G., Helen E., Jonni F., Gale & Bob A., Amy H., Gerald & Marilyn L., Cheri & Eric C., Kenneth C., Mary Ann M., Melanie R., Fred F., Joseph L., Gloria T., and Susan S. HAPPY THANKSGIVIING!
A holiday meal from Jennie & Charles N., Laura M., Mike R., Diane C., Diann F., Debra B., Doug G., Anne and Erich W., Bradley H., Timothy H., Sandra D. Gail F., Molly S., Amy H., Karen P., Sara & Adam C., Ross B., Taya H., Jess M., Kevin O., Coleen M., Michael G., Daniel C., John P., Patricia F., Rick and Beth C., Bob S., Douglas R., Brandon G., Sandy G., Anastasia S., Amy B., Carol D., Alan F., Marjorie G., James M., Morgan T., Mark G., Chary C., Jim R., Amy C., Mary and Butch B., Joy H., Kyra A-W., Don H., John M., Noreen R., Cathy K., Tasha D., Sheila L., Brad D., Susan L., Claudia C., Brad D., Tiffiny A., Dan and Jean N., Carolyn D., Diane H., Bob and Ann C., L Bennett., Julia S., Frank C., Mary G., Liz H., Hugh Z., Valarie O., Gunnar G., Mandee Z., Allie W., Michael L., Ginger B., Bert and Sandra K. Beth L., Cheri P ., Melissa K., Amanda D., Vicky T., Joyce B., Nathan B., Robert and Machell K., Kenneth L., Judson W., Marcy J., and Cathy W. THANK YOU!!!

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