Often unseen, hunger in Helena is real and is a
growing concern for many of our neighbors.

When a community is in need, the community responds.

A new Community Food Resource Center is needed more than
ever to meet the growing need in the Helena area.

Will you join Helena Food Share
in creating a hunger-free community?

Help Build a Hunger-free Community

Join Helena Food Share in building the new Community Food Resouce Center.
Gifts of all amounts are significant and will help us reach our goal!

The Community Food Resource Center is:

A Larger Food Market

Allowing more people to shop comfortably, with a broader selection of nutritious foods

An Onsite & Expanded

Increasing food storage & distribution efficiency

A Food Processing &
Production Kitchen

Allowing additional food sources & expanding delivery options

A Teaching Kitchen &
Community Spaces

Providing areas to gather & teach healthy eating & cooking skills

The Face of Hunger:

Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Senior
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Family
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Child
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Baby

We may not know who in our community is facing food insecurity. It could be… 

A retiree living on a fixed income, facing increases in food, rent, and utilities,
or a family needing help to make ends meet at the end of the month.

A grade-schooler who only got one meal over the weekend because there wasn’t enough food in the house,
or a working mom whose paycheck doesn’t cover the cost of food after paying her child’s medical bill.

A dad who was laid off and needs support to feed his family while he’s looking for work,
or a grandmother whose healthcare costs make affording nutritious food a challenge.

A single mom with daycare costs that make it difficult to stretch her income this week,
or a man who finds himself homeless because of chronic health issues.

We can never know all the challenges in life that create food insecurity for one in seven of our neighbors, including one in five kids.
However, we can work to ensure there is a place they can rely on when difficulties come their way.

Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Dad
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Senior Woman
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Single Mom
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Homeless

Help Build a Hunger-Free Community – Give Now!

The upgraded and larger Community Food Resource Center will enable us to meet the growing demand in the Helena area and has built-in flexibility for expansion during times of greater need. The $10 million capital campaign will fund this next important step in creating a hunger-free community.

A gift of any amount is significant and will help ensure everyone in Helena has access to nutritious food—so children can succeed in school, families can thrive, and seniors won’t have to decide between buying food and other necessities.

Your donation will help our neighbors long into the future.

Thank you for investing in our community!

Capital Campaign Committee Members:

Candie Cain

Holly Kaleczyc

Jon Satre

Rick and Jane Hays

Mary Kay Puckett

Ann Waickman

Mike Holland

Melanie Reynolds

Sarah Walsh




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