Why is a New Building Needed?

Food Insecurity in our Community

One in seven of our neighbors experience food insecurity, including one in five kids & seniors.

  • In 2023, 8,776 of our neighbors received food support at Helena Food Share.
  • The need was met last year by providing nearly 1.8 million lbs of food.
  • Over 86,400 total services were provided to those in need in 2023.
  • Because of the increase in population and changes to social and economic conditions, the number of food services provided by Helena Food Share has grown by over 2600% since 2001.
  • The population in Lewis & Clark Co. is expected to increase 8% by 2040.

Improved Capacity, Efficiency & Cost-effectiveness

Cost savings and program efficiencies realized from having a new facility will enable Helena Food Share to better meet the growing needs of our community today and well into the future.

  • Helena Food Share is currently housed in 3 buildings over 5 blocks. The new center will make food movement and distribution more efficient.
  • A larger Food Market will allow a retail-type shopping space with improved flow and safety, providing greater selection in an environment designed for ease of movement and privacy.
  • The larger Market will also allow more people to shop at a time.
  • The lobby will provide a space for customers to wait indoors, out of the elements.
  • The expanded warehouse will provide 3 times the storage space.
  • The commercial kitchen will allow for expanded food rescue and the ability to preserve surplus fresh food from local suppliers, farms, and area gardens.
  • Prepackaged and heat-and-serve meals can be prepared and stored, allowing us to meet new and changing food program needs.
  • A classroom kitchen and garden will be available to teach nutrition and food-prep skills, empowering customers to adopt healthy eating habits for life.
  • The classroom and commercial kitchen will be available for community use.

Current Facilities: Pantry Exterior,
Pantry Interior, and Garden

Why do People Face Hunger in our Community?

We can never know all the challenges in life that create food insecurity for one in seven of our neighbors, including one in five kids.
However, we can work to ensure there is a place they can rely on when difficulties come their way.

Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Senior
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Family
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Child
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Baby

We may not know who in our community is facing food insecurity. It could be… 

A retiree living on a fixed income, facing increases in food, rent, and utilities,
or a family needing help to make ends meet at the end of the month due to an unexpected expense.

A grade-schooler who only got one meal over the weekend because there wasn’t enough food in the house,
or a working mom whose paycheck doesn’t cover the cost of food after paying her child’s medical bill.

A dad who was laid off and needs support to feed his family while he’s looking for work,
or a grandmother whose healthcare costs make affording nutritious food a challenge.

A single mom with daycare costs that make it difficult to stretch her income this week,
or a man who finds himself homeless because of chronic health issues.


Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Dad
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Senior Woman
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Single Mom
Capital Campaign Faces of Hunger Homeless

No matter why hunger exists, we believe no one should go hungry and that access to food is a basic human right.
The new Community Food Resource Center will ensure our community has food resources for our neighbors whenever they are in need.

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