Emergency Food Packs

For people who have gone without food and are in need of quick calories, we offer a special pack of high-calorie food that provides immediate nutrition. We prepare these packs for use by the police department, emergency service providers, God’s Love and other human services organizations in the Helena area that may serve people in urgent need of food.

How to Get Help

Emergency Food Packs are available at Helena Food Share and in partnership with agencies throughout the community (see below).
Anyone in need of this service is eligible.

5,344 Food Packs

were given out in 2023

Emergency Snacks

Foods to Nourish

severely hungry people immediately

16 Partner Agencies

distribute Emergency Food Packs


Emergency Packs are distributed at these locations:

  • AWARE — 616 Helena Ave #210
  • Career Training Institute – 347 N Last Chance Gulch
  • The Friendship Center – 1430 N Sanders St.
  • Frequent Users Systems Engagement (FUSE) – contact St. Peter’s Health
  • God’s Love – 533 N Last Chance Gulch.
  • Good Samaritan – 3067 N Montana Ave.
  • Helena Job Service – 715 Front St.
  • Leo Pocha Memorial Clinic – 501 Euclid Ave
  • Lewis & Clark County Pretrial Services – 406 Fuller Ave., Suite 202
  • Lewis & Clark Library – 120 S Last Chance Gulch
  • Office of Public Assistance  –111 N Sanders, Rm 109
  • Our Place – 631 N Last Chance Gulch
  • PureView Health Center – 1930 9th Ave.
  • PureView (Downtown) Health Center – 630 N Last Chance Gulch, St 1100
  • The Salvation Army – 1905 Henderson St.
  • YWCA – 501 N Park Ave.

Please contact us at 406-443-3663 if you need emergency food or to get Emergency Food Packs for your organization.

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