Kid Pack Challenge

2021-2022 School Year

Can YOUR business make a difference in a child’s life?

If so, consider joining this year’s Kid Pack Challenge at Helena Food Share!

Grab some of your colleagues, or talk to your manager, and get creative about how to help erase childhood hunger here in the greater Helena area.

Did you know:  1 in 5 children right here in our area face weekend hunger? For families or single moms who are struggling to pay bills, purchasing enough food to feed everyone can often be a challenge. While kids can get food at school during the week, Saturdays and Sundays often mean empty cupboards, or not enough food to go around. Helena Food Share’s Kid Pack program is a partnership with local schools and Head Start that provides high-calorie, kid-friendly foods for kids at risk of weekend hunger to take home. Every Friday during the school year, more than 1,100 kids are able to take home a Kid Pack to help them feel full over the weekend.


But they need YOUR help.

A smiling child receiving a Kid Pack
Your gift provides nutritious food for the weekend.

It takes time and some elbow grease to build each of those 1,100 kid packs every week so that Helena Food Share drivers can deliver them to 19 schools in our area. It also takes donations so that enough food can be purchased or picked up every week to fill the Kid Packs. Your business can join the fight against childhood hunger by joining the Kid Pack Challenge – it’s easy!

1. Make a minimum donation of $1,000 – perhaps it comes out of your business’ community relations budget, or you can raise it by doing a fund drive, have a blue jean Friday, or other creative ways to raise money. Even better, see if your employer will match whatever you can raise – which would be just $500!

2. Gather your colleagues together and sign up for a slot to do a Kid Pack build at the Helena Food Share pantry.

  • Create a friendly competition with different teams competing against each other for who can make the most packs the fastest. (maximum 12 employees per build).
  • Or, challenge your colleagues to see which team can raise the most amount of money in donations to help kids by promoting it on your social media, and invite your friends to make donations to YOUR team! Whatever team raises the most money wins something special – a day off?
  • Every participant gets a free wristband, stating I’M ERASING KIDS’ HUNGER! Wear it with pride, and tell others about Kid Packs and how they can get involved.

Experience the rewarding feeling of knowing you and your team members made a difference in a child’s life by assuring that they will have enough to eat each weekend!


If your business or the business that you work for can help make a difference for the 1,100 kids who receive Kid Packs EVERY week, please contact Liz Harrison, Development Director, at 406-443-3663 ext. 104, email

To learn more about Kid Packs and how they are helping click here.

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