Eat Well & Share: Learning to Eat for Life

May 2021

At most nonprofit organizations, you will find employees wearing many hats. Helena Food Share is no exception. However, few of us can claim our Executive Assistant’s varied duties and expertise. Sally Beck keeps all of us on top of our administrative tasks. She is also a gifted chef who brings her talents to work. You might find Sally giving cooking demonstrations in the pantry or garden, or writing her monthly feature “Eat Well & Share” for the Helena Independent Record.

“Eat Well & Share” is an outgrowth of Helena Food Share’s nutrition education program. These delicious recipes feature whole foods, local produce and often, seasonal items. Each monthly article highlights two recipes designed to inspire and educate all of us to eat more nutritiously. Sally says, “I tend to focus on vegetarian options, but I’m not strict about it. I mostly use healthy fats and try to avoid any processed ingredients.”

These and other recipes are shared with customers in the Pantry, where shoppers may occasionally encounter ingredients they have never used before. Having the recipe card alongside the food provides help and inspiration for cooking something new. In addition to the recipes, Sally and other local chefs offer cooking demonstrations in the pantry, utilizing the recipes. Seeing the food prepared and then sampling it provides confidence for trying something new.

When asked if she found any ingredients challenging to use, Sally quickly shared, “Boy, I can’t think of any. I enjoy discovering new ingredients that I’ve never used before. All it takes is a little research and some trial and error to find new things to love.”

Discover all the “Eat Well & Share” articles and recipes on our website at We think you’ll enjoy these tried and true dishes—some with a fun new twist—and maybe even find something new to love.

Insider Tip:

When asked what ingredients are essential for any kitchen, Sally offered, “Olive oil, vinegar, fresh produce, garlic, onion, red pepper flakes, and lemons will help make almost anything better.”

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