We are grateful to the following donors and sponsors, whose generosity makes it possible to Build a Hunger-Free Community.
A special thank you to our Campaign Committee, who have been working to engage the greater Helena community — individuals, businesses, and foundations.

Campaign Committee Members

Candie Cain
Holly Kaleczyc
Jon Satre

Rick & Jane Hays
Mary Kay Puckett
Ann Waickman

Mike Holland
Melanie Reynolds
Sarah Walsh

Campaign & Event Sponsors




GardenWerks  |  George’s Distributing  |  Lewis & Clark Brewing Co  |  Rock Hand Ace Hardware

Businesses, Organizations, Foundations & Public Funds

3 Mile Creek Consulting LLC
Allegra Print & Imaging
American Endowment Foundation
American Storage LLC
Anderson Zurmuehlen
Big Sky Acoustics
Brothers Tap Works LLC
Cathedral of St Helena Parish
City of Helena
Dick Anderson Construction
Dogwood Lodge Kennels
First Interstate BancSystem Foundation, Inc
First Interstate Bank Helena

Fresh Life Church
Helena High School Class of ’68
Helena Lions Club Foundation
Hydrometrics, Inc.
Knights of Columbus #844
Lewis & Clark County
Montana Community Foundation
Montana Department of Commerce
Montana Radio Company
Mosaic Architecture, PC
NorthWestern Energy
Opportunity Bank

Optimist Club of Helena, IncPlymouth Congregational Church
Power Townsend Foundation, Inc
Robert Peccia and Associates
Running W Cattle Co
St. Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral
St Peter’s Health
Stockman Bank
The Treacy Foundation
Thrivent Choice Foundation
Trinity Properties LLC
US Treasury/CDFI Fund
Valley Bank of Helena

Founding Donors

Many thanks to the following early donors for their leadership gifts, commitment to the campaign,
and partnership with us to envision a hunger-free community.

Elizabeth Baker
Ron & Connie Bergum
Jock & Tere Bovington
Donna K Burgess
Candace Cain
Robert Carroll
Mark Stiffler & Amy Christensen
Mary Ellen Holverson & Matthew Cohn
Chris & Kristin Cordingley
Cordingley Foundation
Bruce & Cathy Day
Eden Family Endowment
Robert Errichello & Jane Muller
Eric & Ellen Feaver
Bob & Janet Ford
Virginia Frankenfield
Alvaro J Freyre
David & Vicky Galt
John & Mary Grant
Andrea & Michael Groom
Sarah Groves
V Lee Harrison M.D.
Amanda Harrow
Jane & Rick Hays
Chase Hibbard

Faye and William Hill
Rick & Betti Hill
Mike & Debbie Holland
Hank & Karen Hudson
Susan & Michael Hughes
David Hunter
Chuck & Casi Hunter
Amy Honchell & Timothy Joyce
Holly & Stan Kaleczyc
Arthur C Keeler
Thomas Kimmell & Eve Franklin
Trish Klock
Ray & Susie Kuntz
David & Kerry Lechner
Bill & Miki Lloyd
Bill & Jan Lombardi
Dawn & Mike Lopach
Rene & Thomas Martello
Patricia J Mazurek
Dan & Cheryl McCauley
Robert & Judi McCullough
Pat & Colleen McCutcheon
Max Milton & Joan Bird
John Moore
Ken and Sherry Morrison

Molly & Justin Mosness
Alan & Nancy Nicholson
Loren & Maureen Oelkers
Kim Sell & Dan Prieto
Mary Kay & Jon Puckett
Rick J Pyfer
Raven’s Perch Foundation
Rowe & Reynolds Charitable Fund
Samantha Sanchez & Robert Coulter
David & Aimee Shanight
Harlan & William Shropshire
Kim & Will Smith
Karen & Levi Smith
Paul & Roberta Spangler
Jim and Sue Ann Stanger
Peter Strauss & Cynthia Parry
Peter W Sullivan
Angela Terry
Norma Tirrell
Denise & Al Trautman
Tom & Scottie Trebon
Cindy & Jim Utterback
Ann Waickman
Sarah Walsh
Ron & Ann Waterman
Patty White

Campaign Donors

An updated list will be published each month. 

Larry and Daryl Aaby
Gail Abercrombie
Ken and Penny Abrahamson
Bernard and Paulette Adams
Jeanne Ahmann
Eugene and Beverly Allen
Mercedes Ames
Kristy A Amestoy
Barry E Anderson
Betsy and Michael Anderson
Linda and Jack Anderson
John and Janet Andrew
Sharon R Andriolo
Bob and Barb Anez
Anonymous (18)
Kristi A Antosh
Ronald and Dianne Armstrong
Sidney O Armstrong
Casey L Asher
Pamela Attardo
Terry and Andrea Atwood
Bunny Aumell
Charles and Sharon Avery
Patricia L Ayers
Gregory D Bach
Orin and Mary Bailey
Elizabeth S Baker
Timothy R Baker
Robert and Patricia Balhiser
Vivian Banschbach
Dana Barbeau
Catherine Barker and Dick Weaver
Scott Barnhart
Michelle Barstad
Thomas and Kristin Basinger
Ann Bauchman
Lisa and Mike Bay
David and Ann Beach
Marty and Madilon Beatty
Sally M Beck
Linda Beischel and Rudy Strobbe
Robert and Michelle Bennett
Shirley A Bennett
Sue Bennett
Suzanne Bennett
Rod and Mardi Benson
Jonett and Jonathan Berg
Charles and Dawn Berger
Paul and Barbara Bessler
Judith E Birch
Leland and Tami Bishop Rhodes
Barbara Bisom
Mark W Bisom
Michael Black
Valerie and David Blade
Mary Blake
Francis J Blattler
Mark and Paula Blessinger
Scott and Heidi Blossom
Thomas and Anne Blotkamp
John and Mait Board
Nelson Bock
Louise A Boothe
Sally and Douglas Bostrom
Jock and Tere Bovington Charitable Fund
Judith I Bowen
Jean C Bowlds
Glenda and Stan Bradshaw
Garry and Kathy Brayko
Betty Brenneman
Steve A Brewster
Richard and Lorrie Bridegroom
Ann Brodsky
Jan Brown
James and Laura Brown
Kevin and Linda Brown
Perry L Brown
Raymond and Joyce Brown
William Bucher
Robert and Deborah Bugni
Richard and Diane Burger
Ellen and Rick Bush
Ann Marie and William Bushong
Ann M Buss
Mary and Scott Buswell
Amie and Art Butler
Tina Le Buttelman
Gary and Sherry Carlson
Lizzie and Dan Carlson-Thompson
Mary and Peter Carparelli
Marcalee S Carroll
Robert J Carroll
James and Charlene Castro
Russ and Karen Cater
Jim M Cervelli
Michelle and Phillip Chambley
Lori and Richard Chase
Pat J Chevallier
Brian Christensen
Mark Stiffler and Amy Christensen
Sandra and Yueh Chuang
Chip Clawson
Pat and Shelly Clinch
Mike and Teese Clouse
Lawretta J Clum
Scott and Ruth Coladonato
Peter Quist and Lisa Coligan
Fran Collison
Peggy L Colvin
Tom and Margaret Colvin
Mary and Sean Connolly
David and Virginia Cooper
Stephen and Barbara Cooper
Copenhaver Family Trust
Margaret Corcoran and Jim Madden
Joan J Correa
Jan and Terry Cosgrove
Karen and Mike Crogan
Lynnette and Richard Curtis
Leroy and Jean Cyr
Donald and Patricia Dahl
Monique and Kevin Damuth
Janice and Howard Davis
Tina C Dawson
Thomas and Tana Dearborn
Leonard and Anne Marie Declercq
Amelia A Demaree
Lyanne M Denherder
Kathie Dilliard
Cynthia A Dillon
Ralph and Nancy Doggett
Rosanne Donahoe
Dana and Lloyd Dopp
Susan O Dostal
Vicki and Jeff Downhour
Elly and James Driggers
Becky Duke
Bruce and Deah Dunkle
Kenneth and Josephine DuVall
Jude A Duvernay
Gene and Jennifer Eastvold
Eleanor A Eck
Jim and Leslie Edgcomb
Daniel and Carolyn Edmunds
Marlene Egan
Jane L Ehlang
Karla and Alan Ekblad
Christopher and Karen Ellsworth
Susan Emery
Helen Erickson
James and Cornelia Erickson
John and Robin Ericksen
Tony Fattarsi
Randal Rake and Sarah Fenton
Dan and Mary Ann Fiehrer
Robert and Marylis Filipovich
Murrill and Lana Finch
Lorraine Finstad
Phillip and Marlys Forbes
Stephen Forrest and Carol Schopfer
Richard A Fox
Robert Fox and Laurie Gaffney
Diann Fradette
Virginia Frankenfield
Sandra L French
Marie Fuhrmann
Anna and Joe Furshong
Leo and Darlene Gallagher
David and Sandra Gans
Karen B Gardiner
John R Garrett
Stephen Garrison
Michael Garrity
John and Paulette Geach
Mary and Craig Geinert
Deborah Gentner
John and Carol Gneckow
Mary and Kenley Goodian
Philip and Lucille Gordon
Paul and Lynne Grant
Mark and Capri Gray
Janet M Grinde
Karlene and Philip Grossberg
Mitzi F Grover

Sarah Groves
Wayne and Mary Jean Guazzo
James and Michelle Haider
Tim and Kelli Hall
Michael and Patricia Hamblock
Gary and Margie Hamel
Donald and Catherine Hamerla
Lewis and Pauline Hames
Jerome Hamous
Ronald and Nancy Hampa
Katherine and Shahid Haque-Hausrath
Barbara R Harris
Timothy and Judy Harris
Elizabeth T Harrison
Kathryn and Bernard Hartman
Michael and Felica Head
Terrence M Healow
Karen and Bradley Heil
Katherine A Hernandez
Roy Heinz and Mari Hodges
Patricia B Helvey
Roy and Evalena Hemry
Celinda and Paul Hicks
David Highness
Faye and William Hill
Ivelone L Hodges
Ray Hofland
Troy Holter
James and Barbara Hogan
Karla Hokit
Jeffrey and Theresa Holm
Marge Holstine
Andy and Debbie Hooper
Jerry and Judy Hoover
Elizabeth Houghton
Dale A Hovden
James Howard and Gayle Barnes
James Hunt and Barbara Howe
Heather and Kenny Hudson
Jane-Sue Huff
Terry and Linda Hulin
Eugene and Julie Huntington
Elaine M Hurd
Nancy K Hutton
Sheena Wilson and John Ilgenfritz
Chris Imhoff
Susan Jackson
John and Patricia Jacobs
Carol Ann Jacobsen
Ramona M Jacobson
Dan and Patti Jacques
Ed and Roberta Jasmin
David and Mari Jaynes
William and Sally Jellison
Thomas Jeske
Donna G Jensen
Beth Johnson
Cordell Johnson
Howard and Janece Johnson
Jeri and Andy Johnston
Christian and Carrie Jones
John and Diane Jones
Peni and Todd Jones
David and Natalie Jordan
Chester and Kathleen Kahla
Marie Kall
Teri Kassens-Crowe
Rita Kauneckas
Zia and Kay Kazimi
Gerald Keck and Anne Perkins
Michael and Linda Kecskes
Arthur C Keeler
Susan Keeting
Autumn Keller
Kevin and Sarah Kelly
Vickie L Kemmerer
Clifton Caughron and Margaret Kernan
Jeffrey and Carrie Key
B Larene Kleve
Carol Kopec and Frank Kromkowski
Jonathan Krauss and Ann Mary Norton
Blair and Gretchen Krumm
Hildegarde S Krumm
Karen Kueffler
Gale B Kuglin
Brian Shovers and Joanne Lace
Patricia B Ladd
John H Lambing
Henry and Sharon Lang
Anne Langdji
Doug Turman and Mary Lee Larison
Ethel B Larock
Kurt and Roxanne LaRoque
Curtis and Mary Larsen
Mary Larson
Barbara Lester
Thomas E LeTellier
Bob Levitan and Nola Freestone
Bryan and Joan Lewis
Laurene Lindgren
Sharon A Linstid
Bill and Miki Lloyd
Irene I Locke
Carol Ann Lockwood
William F Long Jr.
Steve and Melinda Longsworth
Dawn and Mike Lopach
Jay Simons and Shari Lorand
Catherine Love
Steven and Shelley Lowe
William and Tracy Lowe
Harvey and Debra Lulow
Paul and Joanna Lund
Michael and Norene Lynch
Lorretta Lynde
VJ and Maureen Maddio
Marcia M Magnus
Carole and Terry Maier
Marisa Mailand
Mark and Marilyn Majerus
Gene and Mary Lou Mallette
John and Diane Maloney
Patricia and Edward Mangis
David and Suzanne Mannix
Rene and Thomas Martello
Mary and Jim Martinez
Jack Mason
Kevin and Lisa Mathews
James and Nancy Mayer
Patricia J Mazurek
Thomas and Andrea McArdle
Frank and Cathy McCall
Dennis and Janel McCall
Loreto and Burke McCullough
Stephen and Marjorie McGinley
Margie McKeever
Julie McKenna
Michael and Judy McLellan
Patricia D McNicol
Jay C McKnight
Alison and Warren Medema
Flordelis Medina
Mike and Ann Melvin
Sandra Merdinger
Joann and Michael Meredith
Ken Mergenthaler
Christina and Stephen Mest
Christy and Jeffrey Meyer
Phyllis K Michelson
Adeline C Miller
Douglas and Sharon Miller
Lyle Manley and Anna Miller
James C Miller
Ronnie J Miller
Erin and Christine Mills
Curtis and Kathryn Mohs
Douglas and Lynn Moon
David Morey and Janet Tatz
Robert Morgan and Carl Deitchman
Susan M Morgan
Ken and Sherry Morrison
Steven A Morrison
Richard D Morrow
Joyce Morton
Linda Mosness
Thomas G Mougeot
Kathleen and Gerard Mullins
Karen and Fletcher Mulvaney
Roy and Cynthia Mulvaney
Michael Munck and Betsy Pennington
John and Gwynn Mundinger
James Munoz
Edwin Murphy
Mark and Lauren Murphy
Mary Ann Murray
Mike and Helen Murray
Leo and Lynn Myers
Terry and Connie Myhre
Chantelle and Richard Nash
James and Joyce Neer
Thomas G Mougeot
Linda Nelson
Susan S Nimick
Mark T Nolan
Brian and Anne O’Byrne

Daniel and Peggy Ocenasek
Terry M O’Connor
Marcia A O’Dell
Thomas M O’Donnell Trust
Clint Ohman
Joseph D O’Leary
Robert and Lois Olsen
Sandra Olson
Jim and Patty Opitz
Linda and Daniel Owen
Paul Pacini and Becky Piske
Laura Parr
Ronald and Marian Paulson
John Patrick
Gerri and David Payne
Jane and Edward Peachey
Mary Ann Peery
Brian and Christine Perry
Kelly and Cynthia Peterson
Linda and Rex Pfister
Lois A Phernetton
Betsy Phillips
Thomas and Rita Piocos
Mary Plank
Bertha M Poor
Richard and Neva Porte
Kathryn Poston
Hugh and Sondra Preston
James and Linda Price
Ann Prunuske
Jon and Mary Kay Puckett
Larry and Mary Putnam
John Quintrell
Marc and Theresa Racicot
Deborah Rainey and James Maher
Randal Rake and Sarah Fenton
Philip and Debra Rambur
Joe Randall
Kim W Randall
Richard and Mary Ellen Randall
Jeffrey Ranger
Russell W Ratcliff
Robert J Raymond
Julie Reardon
Aimee Reynolds
Carrie and Jim Reynolds
Deann and Harry Reynolds
James Reynolds and Niki Whearty
Peggy A Rhodes
Vicki Rice
Patrick and Karen Rillahan
Thomas Ring and Nancy Johnson
Bill Roberts
Vernon and Paula Roberts
John Robertson
Nancy Robertson
Michael and Nancy Robinson
Liz Hayden and Doug Rogness
Ramey O Rogness
Randi Rognlie
Norbert and Susan Roth
Melanie and Joe Ruby
Mathew and Maureen Rude
Neal and Mary Ruedisili
Jon and Kathleen Runnalls
Allison S Russell
Susan and Robert Russell
William and Karen Rust
Mary and John Rutherford
John A Ryan
Clayton Ryerson
Jeanne Saarinen
Phillip St. George
Linda Sandman
Wayne and Barbara Schaff
Sharon D Schell
Clayton and Katherine Schenck
Erwin and Barbara Schock
Marlene A Schooler
Bethalee Schoyen
Lenny and Carol Schweitzer
Judith and William Schweyen
Robert and Judy Sears
Patricia A Seiler
Kim Sell and Dan Prieto
John H Semingson
Steve and Dawn Sendon
Shannon Sexauer
Jason Seyler
Jack B Shamley
Janet and Dennis Sheehy
Lawrence and Gayle Sheldon
Patricia and Gerald Shields
Stephen Shirley
Scott A Shoquist
Oliver and Pod Sieber
Drew and Susan Sielbach
Jay Simons and Shari Lorand
William and Judy Simons
Jue and Maria Sing
Connie R Skiftun
Kimmy and Lee Skiftun
Thomas and Dolores Slovarp
Denise Smigaj
Dr. John and Luanne Smith
Karen and Levi Smith
Larry and Sandra Smith
Theodore A Snyder III
Alyssa Sorenson and Lucas Wallace
Sheryl Spalinger
Theresa and Byron Stahly
Sandra K Stanton
Debbie Starr
Lois Steinbeck
Patricia A Sternberg
James L Stevens
Karen and Mike Stevenson
George Wyatt and Cheryl Stewart
Rochelle Stewart
James and Sandra Stiffler
Beverly Stiger
Georgia Stinson
Christopher and Margaret Stockwell
Hope Stockwell
Darrell J Stout
Peter Strauss and Cynthia Parry
Daphne Crosbie and Jack Stults
Wendy and Mark Studt
Brook Sturm
Jeff Sturm and Donna Hansen
Louise Sturm
Maureen Sullivan
Jim and Marcia Summers
Pete and Cathy Surdock
Michael and Ann Swisher
Paulette and Paul Szczepaniak
Terry and Janet Tatchell
Dennis and Joan Taylor
Shirley Thomas
Julie Thomas Hintz
Jo Thompson
Nancy C Thompson
Tara Thompson
Doloris D Tintinger
Karen Tobel
Tom and Rayanne Trebon
Michael and Dolores Trombetta
Jack and Carolyn Troyer
Earl and Judy Tucker
Melanie Tullis
Darrell and Sharon Vallance
Cheryl and James Vemich
Fran J Viereck
Robert C Vulk
Linda K Walker
Patrick Wall
Rex Walsh
Ron and Ann Waterman
William and Lynn Webb
Stephen and Beverly Weber
Carol O Wehner
John and Vicki Weida
Jeremiah Weiner
Barbara and Lance Wenger
Mary and Kurt Werner
Andrew V White
Colleen and Clay White
William S White
Robert W Whitham
Bruce Whittenberg
Kathryn Wiggins
Nels Wilkins
Ann and Brad Willcockson
Annette Williams
Robert and Mary Williams
Robert and Linda Winfield
Mike Wingard
Loraine and Joe Wodnik
Margaret Woo
Patricia Woods and Kari Kalous
Duane and Sue Wright
Melanie K Yanez
Rocky and Mary Yuricic
Diana Zimmerman

Updated December 4, 2023

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